About Us

It all started with me, Karin Steinberger, born and raised in Creglingen, certified translator and technical writer.
I learned my profession at the Würzburger Dolmetscherschule (WDS), at West Chester State University (Pennsylvania, USA) and at Siemens in Nuremberg and Boston.
My studies were followed by employments with high-ranking enterprises and – since 1989 – I have also been providing language courses for adults in business.
My many years abroad taught me to use my foreign languages like my mother tongue. Back in the Tauber Valley since 1998, I have been managing my translation office from Creglingen and become a highly valued business partner to a large number of companies (see Business Partners).
Now it’s no longer just me. Now we are a team of 53 highly motivated and qualified translators with many years of experience in foreign as well as domestic industries. Most of my co-workers live in their home countries but Internet has long done away with borders and you can reach us 24/7.
Be assured that we provide both perfect language skills and the necessary cultural backgrounds. You can count on us not only using the correct terms but striking the right note as well.